Monday, March 28, 2011

Cold therapy

It's a month since my MIL had her stomach operated upon. She's since gone for two checkups. The last one was a few days back. She's feeling much better now and there's color on her cheeks. Maybe that's due to my boiling her red dates with tong sum and wolfberries for her each morning. I no longer hear her complaining about the pain at the wound site. I only hear her whine about her lack of energy. Well, i told her to walk around more and do some light chores around the house like laundry and gardening. She needs to move more than sleep and sit all day long. My SIL was the one who sent her for her checkup last week, Just now, she sent me an email telling me about Cryotherapy. Well, if you dont know what Cryotherapy is, it's also known as cold therapy or ice therapy, and also one of the most widely-used treatment methods for certain muscle and joint injuries. But before you want to try that, you'd better read about cold therapy lawsuit first. 

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