Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Homework starts tonight

I got quite a lot done with the few short hours i have tonight. Managed to get Gordon started on his homework by 8pm. As usual, he can never do it on his own no matter how simple it is. I still gotta sit beside him with the cane in order to get him to finish his writing. This has to be done at night as i dont want him to waste time with trivial stuffs like writing during tuition in the morning. I want him to finish the rest of the homework that i cant help him with over there.

I found his class timetable pasted into his homework notebook. Thank god i checked the inner page. If not, he might have to lug all his books to school tomorrow. As he's already in Std 2, i taught him how to pack his books for next day's lessons. I guess he can do that on his own by next week. *makes mental note to paste a blown-up version of the timetable on the wall*

I promised the boys i'd read with them before bed. But since bedtime got delayed by 30 minutes, i read them one page in bed instead. It's a BM storybook. Though my boys dont understand BM much, it's good to get them started with the storybook. I have two, gifts from their Penang aunt. Gordon read out loud with his usual gwailow slang, with Malcolm echoing his every sukukata, lol. I helped him with the more difficult words and read the whole page for them before turning the lights off. Both in dreamland in less than 10 minutes time. I'm sleepy too.....

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