Monday, November 01, 2010

Cordless irons pros and cons

I have to use my Panasonic cordless iron again as my Philips iron died on me last Thursday. Hubby had to leave for KL again and as usual, he asked me to iron his shirts for him. Took me more than half and hour just to iron 5 shirts, or was it 6, i forgot.

Now, if you have to iron just a shirt or two each day, a cordless iron will be a fine appliance to use. As it's cordless, the "tail" wont get in the way of your ironing. Moreover, you can get into the difficult corners easily. You also get a lot of "wahhh... cordless iron worrr" whenever someone sees you using it.

The downside to using a cordless iron:

1) Takes time to heat up the hot-plate. So, you stand there like a "dunggu" waiting, and waiting.

2) Cools down fast, especially when you have the steamer on. Sometimes, a few charges are needed just to iron a man's shirt.

3) You cant just run it across the fabric like you would with an ordinary iron. You have to do it slowly for a smooth job thus wasting time.

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