Saturday, October 09, 2010

Play dead

I went to take a rest as i've not been well since this morning. The kids were playing by themselves at the living hall. The kids will come into the room to check on me every now and then. I will usually respond to them even when i'm taking a rest. But just now, i pretended to be in deep sleep or simply play dead. Gordon came into the room to call me. Getting no response from me, he got restless. He walked in and out of the room, he examined my eyes, kissed me, tugged at my hands, lifted one, only to see it fall lifelessly back onto the bed. He laid next to me and wrapped my hand around him like what i usually do during bedtime. He hugged me, calling me in a worried tone all the while. Last, he tried to open up the big comforter and pulled it over me and slept beside me to keep me warm. Despite not knowing what else he could do, at least, he tried to make me comfortable. Aint he sweet. And he was so so relieved when i finally open my eyes. Ya. I guess i can rely on him to take care of me when i'm frail and old next time, lol.

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