Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm no fan of sports channels on Astro

Last night, Eric and i had a nice chat on MSN. He asked me why i've stopped subscribing to Astro. Well, since i no longer have time to watch TV after i've had my babies, i dont see any reason why i have to pay them a hundred bucks for nothing. Let me do some calculations now. My kid is already 7 years old. (7 x 12)100 = 8400. See, i've saved myself at least a cool 8400 bucks over the course of 7 years of not subscribing to pay tv. Moreover, i'm still forced to watch crappy advertisements though i'm paying for the channels. I might as well turn the tv on instead, right.

In a way, i'm glad that hubby isnt a sports fan. Most of the guys i know subscribe to Astro just for the endless sports they can watch on Astro like soccer and golf. I'm not into balls, lol. So, Astro or no Astro doesnt make much of a difference to me. With Astro, they do admit that they do more sports betting online. Geeee... if hubby were to bet on all the sports that he watches, i wonder how our finances will be like now. He's lousy at predicting winners, lol. A few friends of mine lost a lot of money on football betting during the recent World Cup. 

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