Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gingerbreadman season already meh??

It's only October with Halloween just round the corner. My kids dont know what Halloween is nor care about all the tricks and treats. Their only association with Halloween is through the Facebook games they get to play with once in a while, lol.Thank god they did not ask me to carve pumpkins nor make witch hats for them, lol. My brooms are all safely right where they belong.

Oh, this post has got nothing to do with Halloween at all. Halloween is only used to measure the how far away Christmas is from it. And to my kids, Christmas only means one thing. Gingerbreadman, LOL!!!! Reason being, each time either of them ask me to bake him a Gingerbreadman cookie, i'll tell him to wait till Christmas first. Yeah, my bad, i know. And since last week, the demands have started to stream out of their mouths with one echoing the other.......

My, my... i have one idiot-proof Gingerbreadman cookie recipe on hand. I also have the Gingerbreadman cookie cutters all lined up in their respective boxes, never been touched. Well, that's just because i bought each of them lots of Gingerbreadman cookies from Coffee Bean last year. They stopped bugging me to bake them Gingerbreadman cookies after that, phew....

Ok, since school holidays is only a few short weeks away, it's also time i start clearing stuffs from the house to make room for the tonnes of wateva i'll be buying to keep them busy during the long hols ahead. And yes, baking is on the list of projects they will get to help out with. Happy seii lorrrrr!!!!!

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