Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unique Murano glass pendants

The pendant that i'm wearing now is missing a diamond. I've no idea how it came off. Both hubby and i are wearing the same pendant with our names engraved at the back of it. We've been wearing them for a long time. I can always send it back to the jeweler's to have it replaced with a new one. Let's see what hubby says. I remember him telling me he wants to buy a new set of pendants some time back.

I dont think i want a pendant with diamonds on it next time. If one goes missing, i have to spend some money to get it replaced. Those diamonds are not expensive as they are tiny ones. But if i dont have it replaced, i cant wear the pendant anymore. That's a waste of money, right. Last week, i was doing some random surfing and came across this website selling Murano Glass items. You know what Murano Glass is? If you havent heard of Murano Glass, then you must head over to the site to check it out.

I saw some really fashionable Murano Glass pendants over at the site. I wonder if hubby likes it or not. If he does, i'll buy two back. I found a Murano glass pendant with a nice design which i believe hubby won't say no to. Come to think of it, Christmas is just a few short months away. Those Murano Glass pendants will make wonderful gifts for friends and family members. The site has plenty of Murno Glass items for your home too. Why not take some time to go check the site out. Happy shopping.

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