Monday, September 27, 2010

My Perodua Alza's second service

Am at the Perodua Service center now. It's my Alza's second service and i hope after this service, my fuel consumption can be lowered. Its current reading is at 11.9l/100km. Still high lah, ok. I'll be happy if it's around 8l/100km, lol. I believe not muchluck lah since i use it mainly for town driving. With so many traffic lights to pass through on the way to school, i dont think i'll get any kinda reduction in fuel consumption. But the, compared to the Wira, it's still a lot of savings. If i dont have to service the car loan, even more savings, lol. When will i ever get to drive a car that i do not have to pay for, with fuel and maintenance taken care of?????? Whan la?????

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