Saturday, September 25, 2010

Have you tried investing in gold bars?

Hubby has taken Malcolm out to Parkson to buy Cranberry juice for his dad. He's having Urinary Tract Infection and Cranberry juice is very effective in treating UTI. Hope he stays out long enough for me to finish all my posts. Gordon has been very cranky the whole week. He just refuse to do his homework and i dont think i have the patience to deal with him till i'm done with all my posts. After that i still need to help a friend buy gold bars online. He made some money in the stock market and am diversifying his investment into gold. Wah... so rich!!!! If i have extra money now, i also want to invest in gold bars. Too bad.... not now, not in the near future either. But if you have lots of idle cash on hand, you can go ahead and buy buy gold bars. Definitely better than fixed deposit.

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