Sunday, August 15, 2010

Of weekends and homework :(

It's Sunday, a glorious cloudy Sunday. No hot sun today. Hubby is back and he wants to take the kids out later on. He's only back for a day. So, had better get Gordon to finish all his homework fast. It's really beyond me why school teachers hand out so much homework on weekends. My kid came home with 10 pages of writing on Friday. And this is not to mention the rest of his activity books. And also, there are a lot of texts to copy from his text books for memorizing too o.O

School exam was over two weeks ago. Many of the parents i know thought they can relax a bit but no. They still have to make sure their kids do their revision every day; Saturdays and Sundays inclusive. This is just so they will fare well in the coming school final exam. Gawd.... the recent exam results arent even out yet and they are already preparing their kids for the ultimate exam of the year. What a school life. I dont remember studying so much when i was a kid.

In a way, i'm also happy that my kid did better this time compared to the other two exams. He doesnt need much help from me to solve math problems. He can pretty much solve them on his home. If he needs any chinese math homework help, i'll leave them to his tuition teacher. I can only help in his english subjects.

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