Monday, August 16, 2010

Be extra careful when driving

I've been driving my car for more than four months already. So far, i cannot find anything unsatisfactory about it at all. Although many people claim that the Alza is under-powered, i personally dont agree with that. A foreman once advised me to make sure my car tires are at the right pressure at all times. This way, my car will never lack pick up power. As i refuel once a week, i also make it a point to check my tires at the same time. If you find that your car lacks pick up power, i suggest you check your tires weekly. You'll be amazed at how much pick up power your car actually has.

This morning, both hubby and i went out for breakfast together. On the way home, a motorcyclist almost drove straight into us. We're very lucky as he avoided our car just in time. If either of us were to drive just a little faster, i believe my car would be at the workshop now. And i may have to pay for the repair from my own pocket as it's almost impossible to file a claim against a motorcyclist here. If i were to claim the repair cost from my own car insurance, i may lose out on the NCB when i have to renew it next year.

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