Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

We're back home after taking the kids out for a haircut. Armed with a Toy Story 3 DVD, all my men wanted to do is hole up inside the bedroom with the air-cond turned on and tv volume up. Ahhhhh.... the movie will keep them out of my way for a while. I told hubby i'll cook something for dinner tonight and he looked up at me as if i'm Buzz Lightyear or wat, lol. 

Ok, so it's nothing new that i seldom cook. As everywhere will be filled with families out celebrating Father's Day at ridiculous prices, me, being the errrr... sensible wife, might as well do my part in helping to save some money by eating at home, haimai. I gotta go prepare for dinner now. 

Meanwhile, go read my post on how to make round egg mayo sandwiches over at my food blog.  Made it on behalf of the kids for Father's Day. You can also watch tvb drama series online there. Just drop a note at the comments area for access if the posts happen to be locked. Check back later for what i'm about to cook for dinner later, ya. Cheers!!!!

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