Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Setting up more new blogs :)

A friend needs my help in setting up a property website. She's very new to blogging and doesnt understand how to go about it. In fact, she just handed me a bunch of photos and asked me how to upload them to the blog. I told her she needs to register a domain for her blog first. Then, she'll need to look for a webhosting package that suits her.

She asked me what managed hosting means. After some Googling, i found her a web hosting directory. She can check out the packages there. Also listed are the top 10 web hosting providers. It'll be useful to her. I told her my blogs are all hosted on a vps hosting account. I dont think she'll need that now. Shared hosting is a good place to start.

Are you looking for a new web hosting package? If you are, then feel free to check out the hosting guide. I'm going to register a few more new domains this week. The new blogs will keep me very busy or the next few weeks. Hope i have time to update my current ones, lol!!!!

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