Friday, April 23, 2010

Does your kid come home with lots of homework?

The kids and i havent had a good sleep for nights on end. First of all, Gordon is teething again. This time, it's the big ones at the back of his mouth. He keeps telling me his tongue is painful. After a thorough mouth investigation, i think the little guy means his gums is painful. He's not been eating much and quite whiny especially at night. As for his school homework, my boy just isnt in the mood to do any at all. 

In a way, i really feel that school kids these days get far too much homework compared to my own schooldays. Gordon sometimes comes home with five to six different kinds of homework to do in a single day. He doesnt do any in class and has to bring them all home to finish. And since his tuition went on leave over the long weekend recently, everything is piled up. 

I wonder how it is with your kids, but i really do pity mine. Yesterday, i gave in and helped him finish them all up. Kinda sad seeing him hunched up over his homework with a pain in his mouth. 

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