Friday, March 19, 2010

Nonid to thank God this Friday lah

It's the weekend again. Come Monday, my "camping days" resume. How long more am i supposed to keep at it? I dunno lorrrr. But i'm feeling the strain of it, the boredom, the heat, the this, the that. Ipoh only has two malls and i'm dead bored with the food there. My friend's house is still not ready to move in yet, so, cant play masak-masak there also. I dont feel like hanging around the school due to the heat. It's giving me body acne. It's itchy, and makes me edgy. Hope this body acne treatment my friend recommended helps. This time, will most likely head home to sleep after sending my kid there. Then go back to have recess with him. Then decide what to do with part 2 till the school bell rings. Sigh.... me and my silai life. So not the kinda life i imagined myself to be in. No need to advice me on what to do with my time. You're not the one living it.

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