Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking for ways to cure your addiction?

People do all sorts of things when they are stresses and depressed. Sometimes, they eat non stop. Some may do drugs to numb their senses. Others might find solace in alcoholic substances. Whatever it is, all these actions only lead to self-destruction. I've read a lot about young celebrities who resort to drugs to stay "happy" all the time. Many of them cannot handle fame at such an early age and thinks that drugs will help them feel grown up.

I'm actually feeling kinda stressed out lately. Slightly depressed too, by the way. It's a very personal matter which i dont feel like discussing it on my blog. I still stay positive as i still have two young kids to care for each day. We have alcohol around the house. Sometimes, i just want to drown my sorrows by getting drunk. But then, how long can i go on that way? By the next day, i'll just end up with a whopping headache and maybe, gastric. No point, right.