Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let Custom Labels do the talking for you

Our Education Department came up with some extensive guidelines that got lots of parents worried. I'm still wondering if my elder kid has to abide by the latest guidelines or not. I hope he's spared. If not, i can foresee lots of headache in the next coming two years.If you are aware of what's been keeping the parents gossiping a lot lately, dont you think it's a bit harsh to make 9 year olds go to another school if they fail to make the grades, which, by the way, has been set to a ridiculous standard. To me, it's so demoralizing for the young children. If it's true, then i guess my younger kid will have to abide by it. I'll have to check with the school when it reopens after the school holidays for further clarification. I'm not not pleased with it either.

Just in case you all are wondering as to why i'm still up typing this out, let's just say it's my neighbor that's been keeping me up all night. I can hear the fler banging away at the bedroom door every ten minutes or so. Every once in a while, i can hear loud yellings but i cant make out what he's saying. Maybe he's drunk and his wife doesn like it and they quarrel again. It's not the first time, and i believe, it wont be the last either. I was at Data Graphics Inc., a site where we can order Custom Labels online earlier. I really feel like ordering a batch of Custom Printed Labels that says "Silence Is Virtue" and hang it over my fence. My neighbor can then get the drift that they are really disturbing the peace. Let the Custom Label do the talking, huh. I have much better things to do than to confront them.

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