Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you looking for good house plans online?

I'm so glad school exam is over and done with. Not only that, school holiday just started too. My kids wont need to go to school for the next nine days. Since this evening, they've been bugging me to take them over to their Granny's. I believe Gordon wants to play computer games with his cousins. As for Malcolm, he's into "Masak" these days. By that, he wants to play "chef", LOL!!!! I really hope he can be a chef one day and cook for me. Believe you me i cant cook to save my life. Abuthen, hubby did not marry me for my culinary skills, ok. My hands are great at other skills other than cook. And no, i wont elaborate here :p

I bought some new educational VCDs and also picked up a few activity books for the kids from the book fair this evening before school's over for the term. I dont want them to waste their time playing all day long. Gordon needs lots of coaching and i will use the nine days to help him revise. His latest hobby is learning the Chinese language. He's going to love all the VCDs i bought.

If time permits, i'll go over to my friend's house and help her with her house design. She bought a piece of land recently and have no idea how to go about it. She wants me to help her look at some home plans. She sent me this link to some really good house plans online. If you are also looking for a house plan, you must hop over to the site. It's very informative.

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