Thursday, February 11, 2010

New plans after Chinese New Year

After camping at my kid's school for more than a month, both my camping buddy and i decided that we need some really solids plans if we need to continue doing this for God-knows-how-long. She's still in the midst of renovating her new place. It's supposed to be ready in time for Chinese New Year but her feng shui master advised that it's better that she move in AFTER Chinese New Year. Good also as there's no need to rush. I have been in this line long enough to know what kinda of workmanship contractors can deliver if things are rushed. 

Anyway, we'll be doing lots of cooking at her new kitchen once things are settled. It's quite a well-equipped kitchen with all the necessary cooking appliances. She's a good cook and knows her stuffs well. Geeeee.... free cooking lesson for me leh. Pray i wont burn her kitchen down, lol. So, expect lots of my cooking videos over at my food blog, Oh, if you are a TVB drama series addict like me, psssssst... lots of drama series there too. So, get the access code from me if you want to watch. CHEERS!!!!

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