Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buy Gold - "KAM"

Lot's of Chinese buy gold during Chinese New Year. What about you? Are you the kind that buy gold at this time of the year. Me, no. I've stopped wearing gold for a long time. Crime rate is still high and i dont want to risk my safety. Who knows what kind of lunatic is lurking on the streets these days. Price of gold is far too high for me anyway. I'd rather sell all mine off than invest in more gold now. Well, the only kind of gold we buy around Chinese New Year is "Kam", or simply, mandarin oranges, lol. My kids only get to eat them once a year. Have you got enough this year. You still have time to buy more. So, HURRY!!!!

1 comment:

wisesim said...

Yeah! Everyone is buying "Kam" at this time or rather eating them! Mandarin oranges! Hahaha!