Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Men and cars....

I'm really tired today. I blame it fully on the weather. It's freaking hot. I can feel the intense heat even though i'm seated inside my bedroom. I have a strong feeling my electricity bill will skyrocket this month. May even hit 500 bucks as it's also Chinese New Year and everyone is home with most of the fans and lights on all day and all night long. What to do.... pay lorrrr. In a way, i'm glad that school has restarted. As i'm away from home most of the time, i save a bit on the electricity bill as i turn my bedroom's master switch off. I'm also paranoid about people leaving electrical appliances on standby when not in use. A waste of money.

I gotta save as much as i can as i have planned to do some light remodeling to the house. I want to have a big awning installed at the porch area to cut down on the heat coming into the house. Moreover, it'll do my new car good next time. No point parking it outside the house as the harsh rays of the sun. Talking of cars, my BIL brought a lot of car magazines back with him when he was back for Chinese New Year. Both he and my hubby love to chat about cars. They can go all night on that topic alone.

Last night, i saw hubby looking at some bmw x5 photos. Hmmm... i'd love to own a beemer one day. He told me about the chevrolet equinox specs and also audi q5 specs he read from the magazines. I entertained him a bit and quickly switched topic as i know nuts about cars, lol. 

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