Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bought the Perodua Alza!!!

By around this time next year, i'll have to start hunting for the best car insurance deal when it's time to renew my car insurance. I finally went and bought myself a car yesterday. It's nothing fancy, and definitely not the MINI. After test driving a few cars, hubby and i decided that the Perodua Alza suits us best. We can now travel out-station safely and in peace whenever we like. I'll be driving it most of the time as hubby doesnt need a car when he's down in KL. He stays with a friend who drives him everywhere. I told him to drive more as he needs to know the roads in KL when we go down there on weekends.

The saleslady told us we may have to wait a couple of months to get our car. Not that i mind as i'll use the time to make more money online. Who knows, i might just stumble onto something that'll make me a lot of money like last year. I can then pay off my car loan super fast. The Perodua Alza is quite a cool car actually. The extra seats at the back means we can now invite the old folks along with us when we go out. And when folded down, it's so spacious that i wont whine about the lack of space when we go shopping next time, lol. As for the color of the car, we chose silver as there are far too many white ones on the road already. Moreover, we may get our car faster too.

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