Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adult & Singles Vacations for the daring ones

Ok, let's be honest here for once. Who's been to adult resorts before? I'd love to know what it's really like. For those faint-hearted once, adult vacations are not for you, ok. Feel free to check out the previous posts. I've read a lot about these adult vacations before but would love to hear it from someone i know. If you dont want to leave a comment here in this post, then drop me an email. Tell me what to expect from an adults and singles vacation. Are these vacations really wild? If we are a couple planning on a vacation, which is the best place to go to? Ahhhh... the thought of doing something wild for once is thrilling indeed. No time-table, no rules, only pure adult fun. Want to give it a try?

You know what, busy couples who dont have much time to spend with each other are sure to benefit from adult vacations. Being a parent with two kids, our priorities have shifted. Hubby has to travel a lot and i'm home most of the time to tend to the kids. If he's home on weekends, we'll take the kids out shopping and dining. If he happens to come back on a weekday, we dont have time to ourselves as the kids takes up most of our attention. Given the choice, i think an adults vacation will do us good, lol. Now, who wants to volunteer as babysitter for 7 days? I WANT TO GO ON A REAL VACATION WITH HUBBY FOR ONCE!!!!! Not too much to ask for, right......

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