Sunday, January 03, 2010

Warming up for 1st day of school tomorrow

I made Gordon wear his school uniform at home. He has to get used to it. If not, he may still want to wear his pink kindy uniform tomorrow, lol! He doesnt like to tuck in his shirt and i hope he can remember to do so after going to the toilet (most likely not la). I've also tagged all of Gordon's stuffs to minimize losses. He's very careless and still unable to register the fact that he has to bring back everything that he takes to school. I wonder if he knows which is his or not. I've already taught him to look at the tags and orange labels with his name on it. Little Malcolm also wants me to tag his stuffs. He's walking around the house with his schoolbag on his back happily. It's the same one from last year.


Twin said...

pretty cute. a good way of getting him used to. :) all the best to both of us. :)

forever19 said...

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how are you? I love reading yout blogs =)

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