Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh man.... the extra pounds!!!!!

For the five days that i've spent with my kid, i think i must have put on at least 5 pounds, lol. You see, his school is just right across the street full of Tong Sui stalls. The moment his recess is over, i will walk over to the stalls with a friend and have tong sui there. Not only that, i also have noodles at around 5pm, lol. Oh man, the Wantan Meen and Ngau Lam Meen there is too delicious to resist. My friend told me not to worry as there are lots of diet pills like adipex diet pills to help lose weight. Geee..... i just hope i dont have to hang around any longer. If not, i'm afraid i may need to pop some too, LOL!!!!

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