Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday bitchings

Today i wanna bitch. And i wanna bitch about IBS#3. The bitching should have been done yesterday, but i wanted to keep my cool. I wanted to focus on what's to my benefit rather than be on the losing end. I've not been bitching about IBS issues as i'd rather spend my productive hours making money. But today, i'm in such a good mood that i've decided to bitch about it.

You see, this was what happened. Yesterday afternoon, IBS#3 came by with her three whiny kids as usual. She brought their homework over. Tius, why would someone wanna bring kids' homework over lah. And so, they all hogged the living hall. Not that i care anyway as the living hall is full of mozzies waiting to suck blood. These days, i leave all the conked out mozzie zappers for them to use so that none gets killed, lol. Let the mozzies have fun with them, or go bring your own lah.

Next, that ccb wanted to take a rest and went to the guest room. She cant as the room is strewn with boxes of hubby's stuffs and the bed is also full of hubby's clothes. She then went and complain to my MIL about it. My MIL gave me a black face and told me go clear the room and ngam ngam cham cham this and that. You see, this bitch, Sunday also want to come cause trouble. I stopped working at my pc and went and clear the room. I cleared the whole floor leaving only a few boxes neatly stacked. I cleared everything EXCEPT for the bed as that bitch wanted to sleep there. She got tulan-ed and left, lol. End of bitching. Now get back to work.


coffeesncookies said...

rant lah..actually i really do enjoy reading about your IBS SIL !

Twin said...

aiyo .. nvm nvm vent out anger her ... ok now take a deep breathe ... feel better???