Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'll send her flowers

IBS#2 has been over for the past few days. We've not spoken with each other much for years. For me, i feel it's best not to speak much when there isnt much to talk about in the first place. We've got nothing much in common, so to speak. Last year, hubby told me she bought a new house. They just moved into their new place recently. Over dinner with my in-laws last night, i overheard her telling her mom her kitchen isnt ready yet and she'll be eating out most of the time. After they left, my MIL asked me what will i buy for them for their housewarming later on. Me, i really havent got a clue. I'll leave it to hubby to decide what's best for her. She's his sister, not mine. If you were to ask me, i'll surely send her a bouquet of flowers. Just dont invite me over as i sure wont want to follow Gordon around the house lest he breaks anything. I'd rather stay home and play Mario Kart online with him. Hubby can drive his parents there if he feels like going there. If not, i believe IBS#1 will gladly be the driver. She lives nearby.

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Twin said...

ur sil really bug u lots. sometimes they are really a pain in the a**. ;)