Thursday, October 08, 2009

Who has Term Life Insurance here?

I can see that our new neighbor is trying his best to get my attention each time i leave the house. Well, i dont really have time to talk to him yet as i'm always in a rush to go pick my kids or run errands. The place is still being renovated and i can see contractors coming and leaving at all hours. If only i have the money, i would have bought it from my ex-neighbor. Save up a few years, and we can then remodel our property into one large unit, lol. Too bad, not happening now. Not even in the near future. I'm still counting the months i can finally call myself debt-free. Soon.... soon.....

Hubby told me our new neighbor is an insurance agent. He tried to get hubby interested in some of his insurance packages but hubby told him his brother is also an insurance agent, lol. It's true, by the way. It's also a coincidence that we know his wife. Oh...... more like an acquaintance as she works at a shop we frequent at the mall. Talking of insurance, someone was telling me about Best Term Life Insurance the other day. Anyone one her bought Term Life Insurance? Did you get a good rate when you bought it last time? I dont have Term Life Insurance but may be buying one next year. I'll go check out the link my friend gave me. You can do so if you are looking for more info on term Life Insurance, ya.

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SimpleJenn said...

I'm a blur when it comes to insurance. I bought one they say has life-medical-invest in it. At first, the agent told us we only have to pay for ten years only. Now he tells me, due to the current economy, we have to continue paying until God know when. If i discontinue, oso rugi. So, when you buy, be prepared for the "changes" tat mite come.