Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of Jelly Mooncakes and Mah Chee Mooncakes

My kids wanted to eat these in the middle of last night. My MIL bought the Jelly Mooncakes. The Mah Chee Mooncakes were a gift from my close friend. Malcolm loves everything. Gordon doesnt want any after i brought them into the room. What to do... they refuse to sleep as they both miss Papa. Ended up, i ate some Jelly Mooncakes as i watch drama series online. Points to sidebar and Twitter updates. Join me for daily updates, ya.


llangel86 said... do I get the password?
Anyway, the pics are nice...thanks!

Samm said...

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jackfrost said...

The mah chee mooncakes looks delicious do you know where I can purchase in U.S.. My email address is