Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'll be going for a holiday next month :)

I'm looking forward to my all-girls-trip up North beginning of next month. It's been a long long while since i last went on a holiday. I dont care if hubby can cope with both kids or not. He can have them to himself for two whole days. I might even turn my handphone off just so to enjoy my holiday in peace and quiet, lol. But then, knowing me, i'll most probably call back every now and then to speak with them.

I have to thank my girlfriends for taking the time off their busy schedules to plan for this trip. We're so gonna have a blast in Penang!!!! I told my friend about it the other day and she asked me if i'll be packing my favorite cocktail dress along or not. I dont think so. I'm more comfortable with my jeans, tee and Crocs. No cocktail dresses for me. I dont know about the rest of the girls though.

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