Thursday, September 10, 2009

At Parkson's Nursing cum Nappy Changing Room

Hubby had an appointment and dropped both Malcolm and i here to kill time at Parkson. He suggested i bring my laptop along. What for lah. Use my Nokia N82 mai can lorr. Not that i have much to blog about to begin with. As long as i can snap pics and post to my blogs i'm happy. As long as the battery doesnt die on me i'm happy. As long as Malcolm doesnt scream cos Papa isnt the one pushing the stroller i'm happy. I lied to Malcolm Papa went to park the car. Hope my lie works till he comes to pick us up. Still gotta go pick Kor-kor up lehh. I'm watching The Stew Of Life 3, DIE Again 17 & Off Pedder 228 tonight. Wanna watch? Drop me a comment at my food blog for the password, k.

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