Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bride on a budget

I got hungry after publishing my previous post and went to the kitchen to get myself a piece of the delicious orange butter cake my friend's Mom baked for me. I even made a cup of Milo to go with it. MMMmMmmmMm.... chocolate and orange goes so well together. There's still some left for the kids tomorrow. Gordon can take some to his Tutor's during tea time. I think it's also time i reconsider buying a proper oven for myself. I've put the idea off ever since the recent electricity tariff hike a couple of months back. I have so many great recipes that it's feel it's a shame to just let them rot on my blogs, lol. Ok, time to scout for an oven on my next shopping trip then. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment here. I'm such a noob as far as kitchen appliances are concerned, lol. I really do need all the help that i can get.

My friend was just telling me the other day that she's going to bake her very own wedding cake. She may be a bride on a budget, but she intends to bake the best wedding cake ever. I really do envy her for her baking skills. When i was planning to get married many years back, i wanted to knit my own wedding dress. I cannot remember why the idea was shelved. Anyway, that's no longer important. I dont have much time on hand to knit these days with my two boisterous kids running about the house whole day long. But then, i will still make time to help my friend with her wedding invitations. I even found some cheap wedding invitations for her online. Hope she'll like it. 

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