Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why bother....

Next time, hoh, when you happen to be at some social networking site, and you read some updates and sense a storm brewing soon, and the person who's about to get hit happens to be your friend, i suggest you sit back and wait for it to erupt. No point telling her about it. They'll only blame you for screwing up their social networking life.

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SimpleJenn said...

I had the same situation last two weeks ago (not social networking! whatever it is) whereby i anticipated a bad scenario if this friend of mine did what she wanted to do. So I tried giving her the advice and as a result, she gave me a dose of her temper. I did what i had to do as a friend n she didn't like it. As a result, I kept quiet and waited to c what will happen.

Sometimes, friends take what we are giving as advice to be an "
obstruction" or something they feel offended. They just don't realize that we are trying to help. Sooo, nvm if ur friend doesn't listen to u, u hav to do what a friend has to do. In the end, if something bad happens, do what a friend do - be there to support and she'll realize what a precious friend he/she has.