Saturday, August 22, 2009

Leading a more balanced life now

It rained last night. I managed to sleep for about seven hours. Not bad considering i'm a certified blogaholic. Nowadays, i've cut down my working hours to about 2 to 3 hours each day. The income is still not bad, but of course, i'm not earning as much as before. I actually had earning withdrawal symptoms for the past few months, lol. It was bad as i kept thinking of my income even in my sleep. I'm happy as my online life and real life is somewhat more balanced now. I get to do some of the things i never got round to doing when i was a blogging freak. And my kids also got more attention from me.

Afterwards, i'm going to the wedding shop with a friend. She wants to try on some wedding gowns and wants my opinion. She's going to the one i went to have my wedding photographs taken last time. I showed her my wedding photographs when she was over last week. My friend has been looking at lots of wedding gowns online. I told her not to put her expectations too high as we dont have gorgeous vera wang wedding gowns here. But i believe she will be able to find something that'll make her the most beautiful bride. Ok, gotta go get the kids ready for lunch.

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