Saturday, August 29, 2009

What oven should i buy?

Hubby's back and the boys played till it's almost 1am before they hit the sack, lol. It's Gordon's birthday today. At 12am sharp, we sang for him "Happy Birthday" song. He was so happy that he jumped up and down non-stop. That kid of mine is so hyperactive. I really wonder where he gets all those energy from. If only i can have half of what he has, i can definitely do more in a single day. Now that both of them are in bed, i'd better get down to some serious blogging. It's the weekend again and we'll be out a lot. Dont think i'll have much time left to sit here and blog.

My friend was asking me just now why i didnt bake Gordon a cake for his birthday. Well, the reason is i dont have an oven. I only use a toaster oven for my baking and it wont bake a nice cake. Muffins, cupcakes and cookies are okay though. I'm actually looking for a good oven. My sis recommended that i buy a convection oven. Most of the ovens i see at online electrical stores are way above my budget. I really wont be using it much. So, i wont be buying a high-end model. Something simple around 1k that i can bake a nice cake with is good enough. Any suggestions?

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