Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Bedsheets

I'm into bedsheets this season, lol. I got sick and tired of having to sleep on the same old ones my MIL buys for me each year. Dont ask me why she buys bedsheets for me. I just fast-fast change into them the moment she hands me one. They are good quality bedsheets. Just that the colors and designs are boring. Moreover, i keep losing track of the pillows and bolsters covers. They are rather mismatched now, lol.

In fact, i got two new sets of bedsheets from my friends on my birthday two weeks ago. I'm sleeping on one now, but will be changing into this one afterwards cos my kids wanted this instead of the Bear-bear one. That will have to wait for another two weeks. Bought this from Parkson just now for Rm38.70. Not bad hoh, for 250 thread count. The cows signifies me being one for the past 6 years if you know what i mean...

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Jayme Wilson said...

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