Thursday, August 27, 2009

Out whole day

I dont think i'll be able to sleep for the next few hours. I've been out the whole day. First, i went to my mom's place at around 2.30pm. My Sis2 was there with her kids. We chatted there for a while then decided to call my Sis1 to come by too. She came later with her youngest daughter. We then went for tea at Oldtown Kopitiam. I left Gordon at my Mom's to play with his cousins but took Malcolm along. We had a great time chatting there till both my sisters had to leave to send their kids for tuition.

I then drove over to my Sis2's place with my kids as they refuse to go home. It was still early. She cooked noodles for us and both my boys enjoyed the evening there so much. By the time we got home, it was well past 8pm. I quickly bathed them both and it took me almost three hours later to get them to sleep. Malcolm woke up a short while ago and i had a hard time coaxing him back to bed. And so, here i am now.


My own designz and trendz said...

hi...sam. what happen to all your movies links???

Samm said...

under restructuring. leave a valid email address

trendz2day said...

sorry, something I overlooked when deleting old blog.thanks for pointing out.