Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gordon's big day this Saturday!!!!

Our living hall seriously lacks an area rug. My MIL didnt quite like the Winnie The Pooh rug i place there for the kids to play on. She says it makes the living hall like a playroom, lol. It's still the school holidays and i dont get to go out much if hubby's back in KL. I'll wait till he comes back this weekend and see if we can go hunt for nice area rugs for MIL. It's Gordon's birthday this Saturday. My boy is turning 6 years old already. Fast, eh. It was just like yesterday that i brought him home from the hospital. I havent planned anything for this weekend. Something cropped up last night that screwed up my mood a bit. Oh, i'll get over it. Dont worry, ya.

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twonusbenty said...

Hey Samm,
what happened to all your links for chinese soap operas?