Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Dohhhhh" moments

Every now and then, Gordon will walk up to me with his Magnetic Drawing Board. He either wants me to draw something on it for him, or sometimes, show me what he's written or drawn. This morning, he showed me this and i went "dohhhh...... what is this la...". This is what happens when his parents both cant read Chinese characters lorr. I foresee more of these blur blur moments in the very near future. Gordon starts Std 1 next year. Ji sei mei... forget about helping him with his homework. He'll continue going to his Tutor's for this. Cant help it..... sigh.....

1 comment:

Sophia said...

Basically what your son wrote are:-
生 = sheng = birth
子 = zi = son
乃 = nai = therefore
马 = ma = horse
她 = ta = she
日 = re = day
虫 = chong = worm
它 = ta = it
蚂蚁 = ma yi = ant

it's amazing he knows how to wrote 蚂蚁. Clever Boy!!