Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Tuesday, hoh!!!!

It's a wonderful Tuesday. I was woken up by a kiss on my face. Hubby's of course. He was about to leave for KL, no idea when he'll be back this time. His long-awaited project is on the table again, and he's there to see if it's viable or not. I really hope so. If it takes off, i can then take the kids down to KL more.

I sent the kids to school early today and got an extra 30 minutes to myself. I have a lot to blog about. I promised my kid i'll set up a new blog for him to showcase his handicraft and artwork. He's now attending art class on weekends. The blog will make him proud of his artwork. Better get round to it soon.

My knitting blog also needs working on. I've got new books, and new yarn, and new projects to start. Unfortunately, i dont have the intention to wrap up the unfinished projects. I have unraveled a few and still havent any ideas what to do with the yarn yet. Most likely, those will end up as gifts for friends and family members.

Ok, gotta finish lunch first. Then get my fingers moving on my keyboard. Geeee.... better keep Facebook turned off. Really proving to be a major distraction to my online life, lol. The same goes for this outdoor furniture site. No more shopping quota left for the month. Next month see how lah :p.

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