Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Malcolm

Malcolm turned 3 years old yesterday. Yes, it's on the 6th of July. And the mader only decide to blog about it today lah. Haiya, where got time to blog these days. I have so many errrr.... appointments, lol. Been meeting up with some friends. A close friend came back from USA last week and we all have a mini gathering over the weekend. In all, we had a great time with the kids.

Dear Malcolm,

In the event you are reading this next time, this is how your birthday went.

Your eyes will always light up whenever you see a bicycle. I know how much both you and your brother miss your bikes, and so, Papa and Mama went to the Bike Shop in town to get you one. The one we used to have was exactly like the one you see here at the bottom right, only bigger. Neh, the one with the colorful wheels. Too bad, kaput liao.

Papa said all kids like cute things and so, he chose this one in blue for you. The Shoplady told us it comes with a musicbox with blinking lights at the front, and also a "Pon-pon" right in the middle of the handle bar. After a round of testing, we found that the "pon-pon" doesnt work. It's either they get it fixed, or we're walking out the shop. We were told to come back later as it was lunchtime and there's no one else that can fix it then.

We went for lunch across the road. It's a place called Perak Toong On Wooi Koon. According to some friends of ours, this place sells one of the best Hakka Noodles in town. You can read about the place over at my food blog cos this is supposed to be a post about your birthday, lol. Not what we had for lunch whilst waiting for your birthday present. Anyhow, your present was ready by the time we finished eating.

Your Granny insisted we get you a cake so that you can blow candles on your birthday back home. Well, as far as both your Papa and Mama can remember, she has never suggested this before. We used to take the both of you out and have cakes at Baskin Robbins/Starbucks/Coffee Bean/Black Canyon each year. Err, no. We had cake at your Yi-yi's house last year. And so, we went to Nancy Chong's to get you your Birthday Cake, the best Butter Cake Ipoh has to offer.

Apart from "car-car", "train-train" is another favorite vehicle of yours. We're not gonna buy you another "car-car" cos you have dozens of them at home. I know how much you enjoyed watching Thomas & Friends on Youtube and we went to Parkson to see if we can get you a set. Too bad, dont have worrr. We managed to buy you this Disney Mickey Play Time Train Set instead. Anything with Mickey Mouse on it also you like one lah, okay.

See how nice your Mickey & Friends Play Time Train Set is once assembled. Your Mama assembled it for you. Not your Papa, ok. Lucky for you we have spare batteries back home as the Train Set does not come with any. Your Mama even had to remove the battery from her Mouse just so that you can see your birthday present in action.

The continuous "choo-choo, chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga, chooooo, dang-dang-dang-dang...." is enough to drive anyone insane. But it's your birthday and we let you play with it for as long as you want to. I was praying and hoping that the battery will conk out, but they didnt... sighhhhh. Eh, this present is from Aunt Reena. She's a Primary School classmate of mine and our friendship went back 30 years, you know. Say "Thank You" when you see her next time, k. Dont forget....

You even let your Kor-kor play with it afterwards. Good boy. Must "share-share" mah, you know. Nah, see.... your Papa was busy snapping away with the camera from the bed, lol. Usual lah. Everything also must snap. Every moment also cannot miss wan, ok.

This video is proof that your birthday present can really drive a person insane if left to run for hours on end; which it did. DOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Nah.... see.... this is your bicycle!!!! Haimai very cool leh. This is a present from your Yi-yi. Also remember to say "Thank You" to her when we take you over to her place next time, hoh.

Fuyoh... see how cool you look on your bicycle. Some Uncle Cocka, a blogger friend of your Mama, left a message on my Facebook saying you are a Mat Rempit in the making worrrr. Dont care jek. Trust me, Son. You wont ever get a bike license for as long as i live. You can go get one when i expire.

Your Papa thought it'd be nice that you wear something new when you cut your cake. He didnt buy you the "car-car" tee you said you liked the other day. Instead, he bought you this Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck collared tee. As usual, you refused to wear it cos it doesnt have a car on it, lol. We'll keep it until you outgrow it, ok. It'll go to the orphanage cos your Mama isnt gonna give you a DiDi or MeiMei to hand it down to next time :p

Your Kor-kor was pretty upset and in tears when we came home with only your Train Set on Sunday night. He had his eyes set on this Mickey Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle set when you were busy deciding on what you want at the toys department. You know how crazy he is over anything Mickey Mouse, especially jigsaw puzzles. So, to make him happy, we bought him his heart's desire after collecting your birthday cake lorrr.

According to Papa, Kor-kor was so overjoyed when he saw his Jigsaw Puzzle that he kissed the box the moment he held it. Oh Mannnnnn...... Your Kor-kor is really sweet. Wish i could've been there to witness it. Both Papa and Mama had to complete the Jigsaw Puzzle for Kor-kor before we can go cut your birthday cake, lol. He was far too happy and excited to do it on his own.

One look at this pic and you'll know how happy you were when it's time to blow the candles and cut the cake. Your Kor-kor helped you blow the candles, k. You are still "baby" mah, haha.

We took many beautiful family pics. Will have one framed up when i buy a nice photo frame back. See, both you and Kor-kor just cant wait to eat the cake. And yes, both of you had lots of cake, especially the sickeningly sweet sugar icing. Mah-mah and Yeh-yeh gave you an Angpow when you brought cakes into their room. You were so steady. Of course lah.... 3 years old liao. Big Boy jorrr. Cry less, ok. And also, time to get off my Nenn, deal???

Alright.... one more for the road. You fell asleep soon after as you've had a long day. Abuthen, you didnt sleep soundly. You tossed and turned around a few times. You even went down to the mattress i placed at the foot of the bed just so that you can sleep with your bicycle. When Papa picked you up, you woke up. We took you out to the Foodcourt for supper. You still wanted to ride your bicycle when we came back and Papa had to wait for you out there at the living hall till you've had enough.

You really enjoyed yourself on your 3rd birthday, Malcolm. Remember this always. Family ties is the most important thing in your life. Be a kind and compassionate person when you grow up. Have respect for other people's feelings as the world is not made for you alone. Happy Birthday, Malcolm. Papa, Mama, Kor-kor and everyone else in the family loves you very much.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Malcolm.

Can share share the train with Auntie or not?

I want a unit at home!!!

renet13 said...

Malcom & Gordon, u bth are very lucky to have ur sweet mommy here who sacrificed sooo veli d much for bth of u. Auntie never imagined the Pooi Meng she knew back than wold be a mom like what she is to both of you today!!! Cherish your family...that's it!! Happy Belated birthday Malcom! God bless u & your family!