Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fruits and oats will help you lose weight fast

Both hubby and i have very different toilet habits. I only want to go in when the urge comes, whereby hubby likes to sit in there for God knows how long. For me, my business is over in less than two minutes. I had a bowl of oats for lunch yesterday which produced nearly a foot-long poo today. What a wonderful sight to behold. Dont say it's yucky cos it's important we get as much out of our system as possible.

If you are having a bulging tummy and have difficulty losing weight, chances are you have a lot of gunk in you. A simple change in diet will help you lose it all. Try having fruits and oats as your meals for a few days. Fruits have lots of active enzymes to help with the digestion process, whilst oats will provide you with ample energy to keep you going throughout the day. Keep all those phentermine diet pill locked up somewhere, and do some light daily exercise instead. You will notice the difference very soon.

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