Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Been buying lots of toys lately

My kids are really happy these days. They got so many new toys. Malcolm celebrated his birthday early this month. We bought him a new bicycle, and he also received lots of presents too. His favorite toy for the moment is his toy train set. The one he received on his birthday has already conked out. I'm still keeping it hoping that one day, i'll get the right person to repair it.

About two days back, hubby and i took him to Tesco after sending Gordon to his Tutor's. I needed to get an energy saving bulb. Hubby took him for a walk and guess what, he was holding another train set by the time i'm done with my shopping. Hubby says it was on offer at 50% discount. My boy was so happy when i gave him the nod that says he can take it to the cashier counter. You should have seen him hauling the big box all the way there.

I've been buying quite a lot of toys for my kids for the past few months. It's not easy finding one that they really enjoy playing with. Both my kids were thrilled with the new train set we bought the other day. They can assemble the tracks in whatever way they like. There are still quite a few more birthdays to celebrate. Gordon's and mine's next month. Hubby's birthday is in September. Soon, it'll be Christmas. Geee.... looks like i'll be doing lots of shopping from now right up till Christmas!!!!!

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