Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another electricity tariff hike soon

I nearly had a heart attack this morning when i saw the electricity bill. Not much lah.... only Rm780 jek, niamah. I've been trying my best to cut electricity usage around the house, and yet, i'm still slapped with such a ridiculous amount. I called up my friend to rant and she asked me to go check my bill and see of the numbers tally with the meter or not. I did just that and you know what, i was OVERBILLED by almost 1000kwh, wtf. As you know, we are all charged by blocks with varying rates. Meaning, the more we use, the higher rates we have to pay.

I called up hubby and he says he'll go give TNB a piece of his mind when he comes back this weekend. This cannot be happening. You think i really print money meh. Even if i do, i sure wont want it to go to TNB's pockets. And i also read that there'll be another rate hike come next month. Damn.... i feel like spraying those meter bill flers with pressure washers when they come issue the electricity bill next month. Cant even read the meter properly #$%()(*$#$%&*(&^%$#$%*

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Cynthia said...

hike again? nabeh... really don't know how our govt rob us...eeerrr!!! go and shot TNB!!