Friday, June 12, 2009

Me and my sandals

My right sandal is no where to be seen when i went out this afternoon. The gate was left ajar. I think most likely, my neighbor's dog came in and took it away. It's not the first time. On the way to the car, i scanned the playground and saw my poor sandal under the tree. After making sure the kids are safely in the car, i told hubby to wait for a while whilst i went to retrieve my sandal. It's still intact, lol. The dog chewed on it and there were bite marks all over it. I'm so not going to wear it anymore. Thank god it's not my Crocs. I'll be screaming if it's my Crocs.

Hubby asked me to go buy a new pair of sandals after dropping Gordon off. I remember seeing a few pairs of sandals online the other day. So, i told him i'll check out the online store first before buying. He wont be around once school reopens. The kids are sure going to miss their Papa a lot net week when he goes back to KL. Talking of sandals, Gordon has two new pairs. One Osk Kosh sandals for kids, and the other Nike sandals for kids. See how lucky it is to be the first kid. He always get more new stuffs. The weather is very hot these days and i cannot wear anything else except sandals. What about you?

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