Thursday, June 11, 2009

KNN Haze and my poor watery eyes

It's been a few hours since i came back from breakfast and my eyes are still stinging like mad. It's got nothing to do with my contacts as i changed to a new pair only last week. I believe it's got to do with the current haze, knn. I can even smell it from inside my room.

New Megasketcher Board

I had to leave the air-purifier on for as long as i'm inside the room these days. With the air-cond on almost all day long, the air inside is dry like hell. Time to buy a humidifier back. The kids are having fun with their new toy whilst watching Spongebob.

Oh well, about time to send Gordon to his tutor's. I dont want to stay here anymore. Going to Starbucks after this. Stay there for a couple of hours, then it's home again. It's still the school holidays. I may take them out tonight for some midnight fun at McDonald's or Oldtown Kopitiam in Gunung Rapat, lol.

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