Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home alone and loving it :)

I now have about two hours to do some serious blogging. I've not been blogging much for more than three weeks. Hubby took an extra week off after the school holidays as he understands that the kids need time to adjust to the going-back-to-school routine all over again after days of nothing but fun fun fun. Hubby just left and he wont be back till weekend. Good for me. I really need time off from him also. We had a fiery laser-tongue session over one knn light-bulb last Friday. Good one though, lol. I was PMS-ing. VALID REASON :p

Gordon had too much fun and is now turning into a real handful. Gotta sit down with him everyday and talk to him more. This is one way to get him to understand his routine better. That's also provided i have the patience, sigh. It seems like both kids have switched personalities. There was a time when Malcolm was a real handful and Gordon was the obedient one. It's the opposite these days. Malcolm is learning fast and is more willing to listen and follow instructions. He's not as bad-tempered as before. The only thing is i still have yet to wean him off me permanently.

Now, i have tonnes of photos in my hard-drive and mobile phone. I used to moblog a lot but these days, knnmcb Maxis is so screwed that trying to moblog is no longer fun. The P1 fler just called up asking if i'm interested in signing up for their package or not. To tell you the truth, i'm sticking to Screamyx no matter how. They still rule the internet lines here in Malaysia. I have friends who use P1 and 95% of them told me they are only good for the first few months. Moreover, i have to pay double the price (Rm159) for unlimited usage compared to Screamyx. Hubby also has a friend with P1 who confirms the same.

Haiya, bother lah. I no longer need the speed like two years back when i need a fast connection to grab opps. I've weaned off writing ads for quite some time already. I only write for the ones i cannot run away from now. My income is still stable as i now make my money from traffic. The more, the merrier. This is the best form of residual income from blogs. Okay, it's almost 2pm. I wanna go update my other blogs now. The mood to crap non-stop is upon me now. Better do it now before i the kids are home and i lose my momentum and mood.

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