Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 2009

This is the first year i celebrate Father's Day without Dad. It's been more than 6 months since he died and i still miss him like crazy. To those of you who still get to see your parents everyday, cherish the days and take lots of pictures whilst you still get the chance. For me, it's gone forever. Nevertheless, Dad will always remain in my memories forever.

Before leaving the house, i handed the two Happy Father's Day card the kids made for him at school. As for my little family of four, we had lunch at 1919 at Ipoh Garden East. For reasons known only to Gordon, he seems to eat a lot there. Not that we go there a lot. The last time we had a meal there was during Christmas, or was it New Year's Eve; cant remember liao.

After lunch, we went driving around as we didnt want to go to the malls. Instead, we went to check out some new housing development called Uplands in Tambun. It's a gated-community project with houses costing Rm600k upwards. Very Uplands indeed, lol. If i have the money, i dont mind buying it though.

We then took the kids to Polo Ground for some fun. The air outdoor is still not good. But it's either there or home. The kids had a great time there. Malcolm is becoming very steady but Gordon is getting more and more whiny by the day. He screams, he yells, he kicks, he cries.... damnit. It takes along time to get hm to calm down.

Before heading home, we had JJ cakes at Inn Cafe nearby my place. The cake is good, but the service at Inn Cafe sucks. I'll rant about it next time. I may go dine there one more time and see if they improve their service or not. If not, they'll get the full brunt of it from me if my mood sucks, lol.

And before i forget this. We went to check out ULCC, an art center for kids. Gordon is beginning to like drawing and coloring very much. We enrolled him for weekend art classes there. He'll be starting this Sunday. Next, i'll go hunt for singing/drama classes for him. It's good to know that he's making progress.

Twas Father's Day this year. How did yours go?

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Cynthia said...

Happy Belated Father's Day! Me too has not celebrated for 4 years since my dad departed... Now my gal will celebrate with me la.. :) muahahaha...