Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where would you spend your retirement one day?

I was just telling my friend abut this St. Thomas Real Estate when she told me her hubby is at the very same site right now. He's looking for a good place to retire and wanted a property by the sea. My friend is so lucky, eh. How i wish i can retire there too one day. But i'm still young and my kids have just started going to school. It's going to be a long time before i can afford something like that. Unless i get lucky and win the lottery. And that's provided i have the time to go and buy one in the first place.

Hubby is away again and wont be back till next week. He's spent nearly ten days with us and i'd better not complain too much. Good to know that he's found something to keep himself busy now that Malcolm's started going to school. Did you know that he took time off work just so to spend time with Malcolm since the day he was born. He practically brought Malcolm up. He's especially fond of Malcolm. The only thing he cant do is breastfeed him, lol. Maybe he knows that this will be the last time he'll be pampering a baby since i've closed shop for good.

Dont be jealous, ok. There are not many people who can survive long in this economy without some form of residual income. I'm thankful that hubby's financial standing is ok. And also, my blogs have brought me a very steady stream of online income till now. That's certainly worth all the time i spent sitting here. I may not be able to afford those luxury St. Thomas villas by the time i retire, but who knows. Maybe hubby will get lucky in his new business venture and buys me one next time and we can both spend our retirement there.

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