Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday afternoon at Parkson

I really dont get to do much whenever hubby comes back from his business trips. We took the kids out shopping and we ate out a lot. As Gordon now goes to his Tutor's after school, Malcolm gets to have us both all to himself for at least an hour during weekdays. In a way, i find it good as he now likes to draw and color. He can hold a color pencil well and i enjoy watching hubby holding his hand and guiding it around the drawing pad. The thing is, i forgot to videocam it the other day, lol. Oh, nevermind. I'll do that when he comes back this weekend.

We went to Parkson yesterday but didnt stay there too long. The shopping complex's air-conditioning malfunctioned and the whole place was rather stuffy. After our meal at Kopitiam Junction, we walked to Sony Center as i wanted to inquire about their shopping vouchers. I want to make they accept the Sony vouchers that i will be claiming with my crecdit card loyalty points. On the way there, hubby was pounced on by a few insurance agents who happen to set up a counter there. They can very persistent and one was quite rude. Hubby told him off.

We are both insured and we dont need to buy more insurance. But i heard that for those who buys their car insurance directly from Insurance companies are entitled to a rebate. Good news, eh. It may not be much but let's not forget we save a lot in the long run as we need to renew our car insurance each year. I hope you have insurance too, ok. No one knows what tomorrow brings. You cannot buy insurance when you need it, ok. Buy it when you are young and the premium is low. It's a long term thing.....

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Wendy said...

looks like u love black canyon alot huh. i saw u there on saturday. its my fav dining place in jusco.